Deer makes surprise entrance in St. Brieux, Sask. classroom

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Staff at St. Brieux School in Saskatchewan had an unexpected after school visitor Wednesday. A young deer crashed through the window of a Grade 5 classroom around 5 p.m. CT.

The deer, nicknamed “Lucy” by staff, only had a few cuts from the broken glass but was otherwise in good health. Conservation officers were able to tranquillize the deer before she was released.

Director of education for the Horizon School Division, Kevin Garinger, is thankful there were no students in school at the time of the incident. He also notes that thanks to the quick work of school and division staff as well as the area conservation officers the deer was out of the school within an hour and the classroom was ready for students the following morning.

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St. Brieux is located approximately 170 kilometres northeast of Saskatoon.

Around 5 p.m. Wednesday the principal of St. Brieux School heard a crash, and upon investigation found a deer had crashed through a classroom window.

Horizon School Division

The principal of the school immediately closed the door to contain the deer in the classroom before calling conservation officers.

Horizon School Division

Three local conservation officers were able to tranquillize Lucy and get her out of the school within an hour.

Horizon School Division

Plywood was used to cover the hole in the window before school began the next day.

Horizon School Division

This isn’t the first time staff at St. Brieux School have had a run in with wildlife. In February parents needed to pick up their children from school because of a moose roaming around the community.

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